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Shanghai Chunhui Hardware Co.,Ltd is located in Shanghai Pudong district town mass basis in highway no. 7598, north south reed highway only 200 meters, 100 meters south near the shanghai-luchaogang freeway; 55 km from the city center; 30 km to pudong international airport; Dishui lake 19 km; Yangshan deep-water port 50 kilometers. Established in 1985, in 1998 into a limited company (private) has been committed to stamping parts production, has a wealth of experience in cold stamping and die design manufacturing capacity. The company covers an area of 7000 square meters, existing staff more than...

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Address: 7598 Chuan Nan Feng Rd.Datuan town.Pudong.Shanghai 201311.P.R.China
Phone: 021-58082895
Mail Ed: 201311
Fax: 021-58082982
E-mail: xiangxixi@126.com